Population of France: 62,900,000. Mobile Subscribers: 66,000,000 (c. 105% of population)

    • Mobile Entertainment: YES
    • Charity: YES
    • Adult Content: YES
    • Dating & Chat: YES
    • Streaming Services: YES
    • Lottery / contest: LICENSE
    • Gambling: LICENSE
    • Subscriptions: YES

Premium SMS services are governed by the SMS+ Guidelines, a code of conduct drafted at AFMM headquarters by the mobile operators and providers.

The official English translation in PDF format can be downloaded by clicking the link below:

Regulatory Characteristics:

The French premium services market benefits from a good degree of self-regulation. There is strong co-ordination between in the form of bodies dedicated to the development of premium services (the Association SMS+, the AFMM and the Association internet+).

In 2008, with government impetus, the mobile operators, in conjunction with AFMM, developed the whistle-blowing service 33700 and its information website: http://www.33700-spam-sms.fr/. Users were invited to forward on any spam to this number.

Merchants are accountable for all promotional activity from “First promotional contact”. This means affiliate activity needs to be monitored.