At Empello our experienced technology team has been providing bespoke development services and solutions tailored to carrier needs as long ago as 2001

With its in-depth knowledge of the VAS ecosystem and extensive experience of working with carriers over more than 10 years, Empello can offer bespoke development services to create a suite of online systems for Mobile Operators in the VAS sector.

With Empello’s bespoke development services, Carriers can

  • Streamline ordering processes
  • Improve User Interfaces
  • Increase Automation
  • Reduce reliance on manual data entry and spreadsheets
  • Create a single database of service information
  • Implement secure audit trail for Due Diligence purposes
  • Improve accuracy and data hygiene within the data set
  • Produce meaningful and accurate reports
  • Improve the user experience for internal teams, partners and end users
  • Futureproof systems with the use of current code bases and

Our 10 stage Approach to successful projects

1. Requirements Capture

Empello works directly with key stakeholders within the Carrier in a series of workshops to understand the requirements

2. Analysis

Once the requirements have been captured, the Empello team analyses the requirements and creates a full specification document for approval by the client.

3. Planning and Design

The approved specification document is used by the Empello team to plan and design the end solution in detail.

4. The Project Plan

The planning stage will include the delivery of a formal project plan which covers the scope, cost and schedule baselines.

5. Development Stage

Empello’s developers start coding your solution, carefully following the Specification document as well as the internal design instructions.

6. Agile Updates

At Empello we follow the Agile software development model, which means we hold brief, iterative meetings called daily Scrum meetings during which each member of the team reports any issues and progress on their tasks. This approach improves our workflow and productivity and means that we can give you regular updates on how the project is going against the project plan.

7. Internal Testing

After the solution is developed but before it is ready to be released, Empello tests it internally for any deficiencies and defects. During this phase, our test engineers perform various types of functional and non-functional testing, either manually or automatically. If any bug is detected, it is fixed and tested again. The process lasts until the quality of your solution meets the original requirements.

8. User Aceptance Testing

Once Empello is happy that the solution is ready, we release it for User Acceptance Testing. The important thing is that you and your team test the software as well. We provide you with a beta test environment to make sure you understand the solution and you are comfortable with the way it works. We wait to hear any feedback from you so we can fix any issue you report.

9. Implementation Stage

When the User Acceptance Testing is complete, we complete the implementation of the solution. The implementation stage is not a once off event, it is a process which includes set up, training, data migration, and monitoring & control. In short, the Empello team is there to guide you through the implementation stage and monitor post implementation to ensure all is working as it should and you have the support you need.

10. Training and Handover

Empello provides training events and training documentation to ensure you get the most of your solution

Our previous projects include:

  • Sales Order Processing Portals covering wholesale and mobile billing services
  • Due Diligence and Risk Control (DDRC)Processing & Management Portals
  • Shortcode Management Portals
  • Customer Care tools and APIs

If you have a business problem you need solving in an efficient, timely and cost-effective manner, why not speak to our team and see if we can help?

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