Beta Trial Update (25 Jan 2013)

In Assure by Empello

We are currently adding a number of new users to the Assure DDRC Beta trial.

The main changes since the last major release are:

  • Email – ability to send and receive Email communication direct from within Assure, facilitating easy communications with internal and external partners, which can then be tracked for follow-up.
  • Reporting – The report function is now fully operational, allows reports for users such as PhonepayPlus to be generated within seconds
  • Risk Control of Services – The section which creates testing plans for specific services has been completely revamped and organised into 3 sections:
    • Service description
    • Risk Assessment
    • Display of recommended checks and tests

If you are not yet trailing the Assure DDRC product and wish to take part, please get in touch with Jeremy, John or Gavin. We can be reached via the Contact page.