Empello’s CertifEYE records the user interaction on the payment page in video format to provide a comprehensive and easy to understand view of the consumer experience and user interaction on the payment page.

Included as an integral part of Empello’s API implementation, CertifEYE can be activated via a simple script and managed from within the FraudStop dashboard.

You can choose whether to record all journeys, or specific journeys from within your FraudStop dashboard, activating by merchant, by campaign ID, or specific time periods.

Journeys can be viewed and downloaded via the Token Look Up tool and search by Token ID. Where Header Enrichment is available, journeys can also be linked to MSISDN to enable search by MSISDN which can be very useful as a customer care tool.


How does it work?

Simply implement the Empello script on any page, which may be hosted either by merchant, aggregator or carrier, or any combination of the three.

Configure which journeys you want to record in your FraudStop dashboard.

View and download the captured journeys in your FraudStop dashboard

For additional ease of use, add MSISDN by giving Empello access to Header Enrichment on all transactions.

What can CertifEYE be used for?

CertifEYE provides a visual check of the user experience which can be used in a variety of use cases such as.

Enquiries from regulators

Consumer queries

Checking for payment page compliance

CertifEYE can confirm that consumers saw compliant terms and conditions on the payment page and that users completed a legitimate payment.

In addition, understanding how consumers interact on the payment page helps to understand the user experience and assist in optimising conversion rates.