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Empello provides a range of services whether an Aggregators wishes to manage compliance in-house or outsource it. See a selection of clients we support.

Assure portal for aggregator risk management

asure2Although aggregators may not control premium rate promotion, or aspects of service operation, in many markets they are expected to keep watch on what their clients do in premium rate. Empello refers to this as Due Diligence, Risk assessment and Control (DDRC).

Due diligence is to be conducted before contracting with a client, and periodically thereafter. Their services need a risk assessment and then a plan to control the risk by auditing the promotions and testing the service. For an aggregator with 20 or more clients each with 2 services, this can be a difficult and time-consuming task

Assure DDRC is a custom portal designed to manage the DDRC process, and all the communications when a problem is found. Records are kept for 7 years, so the aggregator can evidence its DDRC activity if required.

As an option, aggregators using Assure DDRC can outsource some or all of the service testing to Empello, with results uploaded into Assure DDRC.

Provide compliance advice & monitoring for clients

insightsEmpello has aggregator clients that use Empello to audit clients’ advertising and service operation. This serves 2 purposes. It protects the clients from regulatory intervention from action such as service suspension. Plus, it improves the aggregator’s standing with the regulator and/or mobile operator, such that, if something does go wrong, they are more likely to accept correction without punishment.

By pooling many merchants into a single contract, Empello can offer extensive compliance auditing service at a price less that merchants contracting individually. Plus, given it is a client value add, some or all of the cost can be passed on to the merchants.