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Empello has time and again proven it is the first choice for merchants who require support in a range of areas. See a selection of clients we support.

Hunting problematic Affiliate marketing and Ad monitoring

Ensure billing and presentation is compliant Service testing

Revealing activity across a market or segment Market Insight

For all regulatory matters Compliance Support

Affiliate marketing malpractice

testing-imageThe affiliate marketing CPA model is very attractive to merchants, in that marketing spend can be managed very closely. However affiliate networks can attract rogue affiliates, who defraud merchants and trick consumers into signing up to services.

It’s impossible to track consumer journeys back to the rogue affiliate but there are a number of steps that can be taken to manage risk with these networks, and Empello can assist with implementing these best practices. Since in many markets, the merchant is accountable for the behaviour of affiliates.

Empello has developed real experience in searching for affiliate banners and problematic consumer journeys that mislead the consumer before he has reached the merchant’s site. Our extensive resource hunt for banner and flows pointing to our clients’ service and provide screenshots, URLs and affiliate IDs so that problems can be dealt with. Learn more about Ad monitoring.

Regulatory advice and support

In markets where Empello operates, we have an extensive knowledge of the regulations, be they imposed by a regulator, or a quasi-regulator such as mobile operators. Empello helps in the pre-launch phase to check through all aspects of the service, including promotions and service operation.

In every market we also sweep the market to discover promotions for live services. If there is a problem discovered, we’ll tell you. Learn more about Compliance Support.

Revenue protection

monotoringOfficial regulators will normally have well-drafted rules, and a process to deal with non-compliance. Non-compliance can mean large fines and service suspension while being investigated.

In markets where the mobile operators are the de facto regulator, there can be less formal processes, but the net result being the same loss of revenue from temporary or permanent service suspension.

Empello can not only help you comply with the rules, but also be seen to take compliance seriously. If the mobile operator knows you are working with a 3rd party compliance specialist they are more likely to be understanding is a problem emerges with your service. Learn more about Service tests.


insightsRemoteLab is an Empello service that lets you access Empello’s network of 3G and WiFi testing infrastructure so you can check how your services operate over real local networks, record what you see and check out the billing functionality. The list of countries with RemoteLab grows every week, with countries in Europe, North America, South America and Australia.