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Empello specialises in Micro-payments, Charge-to-bill and Premium SMS. We help Mobile Operators with Regulatory Compliance, Market Insight and Customer Care, by providing the following services:

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Regulatory Compliance

monotoringEmpello evaluates the commercial activity of aggregators and merchants, checks compliance with the rules, promotes best practice and reduces risk to you and your consumers

We support Mobile Operator to develop and maintain trust, hence driving long-term revenues. We guard against loss of consumer trust which can quickly erode revenues. Empello understand how to get the balance right between revenue and compliance standards

Empello is therefore instrumental in providing a safe and trusted environment for Direct Operator billing to thrive.

We can work directly with Aggregators and Merchants to ensure compliance is achieved and maintained. Our approach is to coach up standards of compliance through high-quality engagement with the providers in the value chain. This involves working alongside a Mobile Operator’s partners, rather than mechanistically processing audits.

Empello can provide complete end-to-end management of compliance, from issue identification to resolution, or we can provide provision of support in selected compliance areas.

Market insight

insightsMobile Value Added Services (VAS) can involve long value-chains. Mobile Operators may have good information on their contracted parties, but they normally are not the ones promoting services.

Empello can provide invaluable insight into what is being monetized through the Mobile Operator channel.

In addition, we can monitor and report on how well are individual aggregators are managing client compliance.

The market data we can provide includes which service categories are most / least compliant. We can therefore target programs in specific categories or segments.

Our data will also reveal which merchants have poor compliance issues, so that these merchants may be supported to reach the required standards.

Customer care

customerRegardless of the instructions the consumer receives, in the majority of consumer queries come to the Mobile Operator for resolution.

Many of these calls are from consumers who believe they have been tricked into a purchase, for instance because the promotion did not achieve the required standards for price transparency.

By improving levels of compliance in the market, call volumes decline. Empello estimates its compliance program has saved a European operator with 20m subscribers £100k per annum

Consumer escalations (where the merchant does not adequately resolve the consumer issue) are notoriously difficult to handle in an operator call centre. Empello can act as an outsource care line escalation resource, tapping in to our deep understanding of the market and its players.