Development Update (November 2012)

In Assure by Empello

The core technology behind Assure DDRC has now been built, tested and has been proven to be stable.

As we delve deeper into the possibilities of the system, and further understand requirements of trialists and other potential users, it has become clear that there is the opportunity to add some enhanced features to the product.

We have taken the view that it will be better to release Assure DDRC into the market, once these additional features have been added. Some feature areas are listed below.

1. Entering details of Services

As entering details of services to be monitored is such an important part of using Assure DDRC, we planning to add the following functionality:

  • ability to import already live services  from existing sources such as customer databases, client lists and other records which users may already be working with
  • auto-populate of new services from e.g. online ordering systems
2. Email functionality

Potential customers for the product have expressed a strong interest in having Email functionality within the application. This would allow internal and external communications to be carried out directly from the relevant Due Diligence or Risk Control page. Responses can be then tracked automatically to ensure actions have been followed up and carried out.

3. Online reporting

Originally we envisaged reports (e.g. in response to regulatory enquires) to be a paper-based output. What we have found is that most users would prefer this to be delivered in an online format. That is, a user specifies the scope and date range of the information to be provided, and grants online read-only access to an authorised third party to be able to view that information.

Taking account this kind of feedback, we are currently modifying the Assure DDRC software, and the next major release (around the end of the year) will include a raft of improvements, including those listed above.