Empello at the Global Carrier Billing Summit

In Empello, News by Louise

Last week the Empello Team attended the Global Carrier Billing Summit in Berlin, with Jeremy Stafford Smith from Vodafone UK as our co-speaker in the session “Straight Talk in Combatting Fraud in Mobile Payments”. The session offered an insight into the 10 years we have spent working together to protect Vodafone customers against fraud.

As someone said after the session, there was nothing new in what we had to say, and its true to say its not rocket science. But, thanks to Jeremy, I think this was a really neat encapsulation of what it takes to acheive a good customer experience of VAS and Direct Carrier Services and where Empello fits into the overall process that a Carrier needs to have in place.

If you want to see a copy of the presentation, you can download it below.

Otherwise, it was great to see so many of the participants in the DCB ecosystem in one place talking about a growth agenda and hear so much enthusiasm for the market. It was particularly heartening to hear stories from so many carriers, both European and further afield. Let’s hope that by next year we can acheive some of our growth objectives for the industry and welcome more carriers to the debate.