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Empello can monitor 20,000 ad flows per hour over 3G mobile networks

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Targeting a specific ad flow leading to a specific advertiser is no easy task. Especially for traffic over 3G mobile networks.

Possible placements for mobile ads run into the millions. Affiliate marketing, in-app adverts and social media are all attractive sources for promoting services, but often come with significant risks and lack of transparency.

As pioneers in this space, Empello knows that two things are key to providing effective ad monitoring – people and technology.

Empello technology is now capable of finding and recording 20,000 ad flows per hour. This is delivered from local 3G connectivity in 16 countries, accessible from its HQ in London, and harnessed to Empello proprietary monitoring technology

Equally important is an extensive network of local support, combined with 17 full-time staff in the London office, who seek out new forms of advertising and assess compliance of ads leading to clients’ services.

With its people, technology and expertise, Empello is uniquely placed to support clients who seek to benefit from good 3G traffic, whilst minimising risk and consumer issues.