Empello invests for 2017 and beyond, doubling office space at London HQ

In Empello by Empello

With our 1st floor office in London having reached full capacity, Empello is pleased to announce that we have secured the lease on the 2nd floor office directly above us at Cowper Street.

This will create a total space of 400m2 across the two floors, giving us the space we need, whilst allowing us to stay at our location in the heart of Shoreditch.

The larger premises support our investment plans by facilitating:

  • room for our current operation of 25 full-time HQ staff (excluding contractors & overseas support), with additional meeting rooms to accommodate a higher frequency of internal and external meetings
  • new recruitment to maintain high standards of support to our 50+ clients. Our country coverage is now 19 markets (UK, FR, BE, IT, ES, PT, DE, PL, TR, MX, CO, BR, AR, ZA, AU, UAE, QA, MA, EG) and we are investing in several new team members joining from Q1
  • more room for our expanded technical team and operations, delivering enhanced resilience across our 3G remote network, as well as the next generation of our Guardian technology which finds and records ad placements
  • delivery of recently signed new projects, for instance support for a new mobile operator client in Europe which we have just commenced
  • ability to scale further to launch new countries and new projects which are currently under active review

This continued investment underpins our commitment to providing clients with the most comprehensive 3G ad monitoring possible, whilst also providing unrivalled service testing capabilities and market insight data.

The new office space is currently being refurbished and will be available to us from February 2017.