Empello publishes its Annual Review covering Compliance and Fraud in the VAS and DCB sector during 2021

In Empello, News by Louise

This year’s Annual Review from Empello covers a range of topics which we hope you will find interesting and useful.

Firstly our traditional VAS round up gives a summary of what we’ve seen across the globe in terms of compliance and fraud.

Then we take a deeper dive into they types of non compliant campaigns that we commonly find, along with the latest fraud activity including some case studies on Auto Subscriptions.

We take a technical look at PIN loops and the role they play in the consumer journey and examine whether or not they provide useful protection against fraud.

And we have a product focus on Traffic Insight, a feature of our FraudStop platform which is under used by most our customers, but provides such valuable data for optimising traffic sources and minimising fraud. We’ll be following up with some webinars on this soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

We finish with a review of our predictions from 2021. What did we get right? And give our predictions for the forthcoming year.


You can download the Annual Review here