Empello wins compliance and fraud monitoring contract for DCB services with Zain Iraq

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April  2022 – London, UK

Empello Ltd, a leading compliance monitoring and anti-fraud solutions provider to the Mobile Payments industry, partnered with Zain Iraq – part of Zain Group, a leading telecom innovator across the Middle East and Africa, to provide its anti-fraud solutions for Zain’s Value Added Services & Direct Carrier Billing services.

Empello’s FraudScan program was being run on a pilot mode and as a vote of confidence in Empello’s capabilities, Zain Iraq signed up with Empello on the 1st April ’22, to extend the coverage of the FraudScan programme for Zain Iraq’s Direct Carrier Billing Service. 

Empello’s FraudScan solution allows Zain Iraq to detect any fraudulent advertising campaigns,  maintain the highest standards of service compliance and customer experience and minimise fraud through leveraging an efficient combination of in-depth analyst research and automated monitoring tools.

“We’re delighted that Zain Iraq has recognised the value of the FraudScan programme and its positive impact on the customer experience during the pilot phase, thus committing to an on-going programme of compliance monitoring. It’s great to be working with a carrier partner that is actively engaged in the programme and is just as passionate about ensuring excellence to all parties in the value chain as we are,” said Jim Thomas, Regional Director for Empello in Dubai.

Mohammed Samir, Chief Commercial Officer “As a leading telecom operator that aims to maintain the highest standards of customer experience, we always strive for excellence across all business processes. We have chosen to extend our collaboration with Empello across our Value-Added Services and Direct Carrier Billing services to avail their leading monitoring and anti-fraud solutions so we can ensure authenticity and credibility in Zain’s promotional campaigns, in line with our promise to provide the best services and experience to our subscribers across Iraq.”

Empello FraudScan

FraudScan provides comprehensive detection of fraudulent advertising campaigns, delivered by an efficient combination of in-depth analyst research and automated monitoring tools across 30 countries and 75 mobile operators. We monitor more than 55,000 unique advertising journeys a month across all traffic sources including social media, recording the full customer journey, from the initial ad banner or social post, through to the payment page. We identify and record misleading advertising, brand passing off and content locking on our fraud management portal and proactively manage the compliance process between merchants, aggregators and carriers from end to end to ensure a better, safer and more effective Direct Carrier Billing ecosystem for everyone.

About Empello

Empello is an independent company with offices in UAE, UK and Brazil and winner of a Gold Award for Technology in the Cyber Security Awards in 2022. Empello is the market-leading provider of Anti-Fraud, Fraud monitoring, Cyber Security as well as Analysis and Testing for the Mobile Payments (DCB) sector. We enable our clients to:

  • find fraudulent marketing and fraudulent payments across all digital channels, Web, App and Social
  • Defend against and stop attempts at fraudulent charging, transactions and subscriptions
  • Ensure VAS, DCB and SMS services are working correctly in the local environment
  • Understand fraud and marketing trends across the industry, and at the level of mobile operators, merchants, ad networks and ad channels
  • Reduce customer complaints and regulatory risk.


For more information contact Omar Oualili at omar.oualili@empello.com or call us at +44 (0) 203 189 1660.

Website: https://www.empello.com/ 

About Zain Iraq

Zain Iraq is the leading telecommunications company in Iraq. It is part of Zain Group – the leading mobile telecom innovator in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). 

Zain Iraq’s strategy is based on understanding the needs of its consumers and partners. It places them at the core of any service or idea, providing them with the best and most advanced services that can meet more than 16M subscribers’ aspirations, utilizing its superior and fastest 4G-LTE network in the country. 

 Zain Iraq’s vision builds on establishing partnerships with the youth, providing them with products and services that will empower and help them connect with the world.

We are an integral part of the local community, which makes our partnership and cooperation, especially with the youth, a very strategic approach that all our employees have adopted.

We have always been determined to ensure that all our economic, social, and cultural projects that fall within our corporate sustainability program leave a positive impact on the lives of our partnering community.

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