FraudScan provides comprehensive detection of fraudulent advertising campaigns, delivered by an efficient combination of in-depth analyst research and automated monitoring tools

Mobile Operators
Unique Campaign User Journeys monitored in a month
Misleading / Untrue flow

“You have won a prize”, “Your phone has 7 viruses”, “Share on Whatsapp to get free service”

Content Locking

False promise to get games credits, Paypal hack, Whatsapp hack, Instagram followers if you subscribe to service

Fake brands

Advertising looks like it is from Whatsapp, Facebook etc

FraudScan monitors all traffic sources including social media

Empello’s FraudScan solution monitors and records the full customer journey, from initial ad banner or social post, through to the payment page.

Get results in real time!

Every journey is monitored and recorded on Empello’s workflow management portal.



In each country where we are active, Empello has local test equipment which is connected to all mobile networks. This ensures that our advertising monitoring and service tests represent a proper local experience.

The in-country hardware is connected to our test centre in London, where the relevant Compliance Analyst supervises all monitoring and testing. The team in London is also supported by in-country personnel.

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