FraudStop is more effective than just blocking. It protects millions of users from invisible payment fraud

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Fighting Fraud

Best-in-class Protection against

  • In-app malware
  • Bot traffic
  • iframe masking
  • MSISDN injection
  • Backdoor fraud
  • Fraudulent or non-human traffic

Efficacy of on-page protection is verified by Empello’s external monitoring system FraudScan


Driving ROI

Analyse traffic source quality

  • Accurately identify bot vs human visits
  • Detect proxy traffic
  • Reduce consumer complaints and cost of refunds
  • Understand drivers of conversion rate
  • Optimise traffic source cost and quality (without revealing to Empello your publishers and ad networks)
  • IP validation
  • Device fingerprinting
  • Click behaviour & User
    interaction monitoring
  • Bot detection (server
    traffic used in backdoor
    fraud & MSISDN injection)
  • App blocking, using FraudScan
  • framing
  • Suspicious traffic sources

Fraudstop unique AI uses data from Fraudscan


FraudScan monitors real-world user journeys

  • The first and largest DCB/VAS
    threat detection network in
    the world
  • Automated & human monitoring
  • Deployed in 30 countries
  • Over 50,000 ad campaigns
    per month