Facts & Figures:

  • Belgium population is 11.35 million. The total number of subscriptions is 12 million (that is a penetration of 106%).
  • There are three mobile network operators in Belgium: Proximus, Base and Orange. Where Base and Orange follow the GOF Guidelines for DCB and PSMS, Proximus has its own compliance guideline with specific rules in addition to the GOF Guidelines.
  • The biggest Aggregators on Proximus are Globway (AG) and Wister (AG).

Flows & Rules:

  • The merchant name has to be clear and included on the landing page with the entire name and the address.
  • The price of the service has to be complete and the font and prominence have to be clear.
  • On Base and Orange, most services have a PSMS flow. On Proximus, DCB is the largest flow live.
  • Advertising on Proximus is mainly through Google advertisement.
The information above is correct at the time of publication, but seek specific advice prior to launching or running a service.