Facts & Figures

  • 93% of Irish consumers own or have access to a smartphone, higher than the European average.
  • The three main Irish network operators are Vodafone, Three and Eir. All of the other operators, including Lycamobile, Tesco Mobile, and VirginMobile use one of these main networks to provide their customers with phone service.

Flows & Rules:

  • Vodafone: MSISDN entry + response SMS.
  • Three: MSISDN entry + response SMS, and one/two-click flows for one-off services.
  • Eir: MSISDN entry + response SMS.
  • ComReg (Commission for Communications Regulation) is the independent regulator for Irish premium rate numbers, responsible for allocating numbers to networks under the Irish Telephone Numbering Plan, as well as regulating the premium rate industry in Ireland (republic of Ireland). They have regulated premium rate services since July 2010 and have a strict Code of Practice that all PRS providers in Ireland must comply with. ComReg is required to ensure consumer protection when using national premium rate services and to set in place procedures to deal with consumer complaints that arise from using these services.
The information above is correct at the time of publication, but seek specific advice prior to launching or running a service.