Facts & figures:

  • Qatar population is 2,7 million in 2017.
  • Smartphone market in Qatar is growing rapidly and has witnessed the highest adoption rate of smartphones exceeding the average adoption rate of smartphones in other Arab States.
  • The penetration of smartphone in this country has reached 75%. Besides this, there are two different mobile network operators: Vodafone and Ooredoo, those operators have their own compliance and regulation guidelines.
  • 148.29 is the number of mobile cellular subscriptions per 100 inhabitants being registered in Qatar in 2017. GSM data was reported at 3,572,434.000 unit in Dec 2017.

Flows & rules:

  • All VAS landing pages are hosted by the aggregators and merchants.
  • Major aggregators operating in Qatar are: TPAY & Actel for Vodafone and TIMWE for Ooredoo.
  • The subscription flow is mainly OTP flow on both operators, with the exception for some merchants who enjoy the use of a click flow and PSMS flow.
The information above is correct at the time of publication, but seek specific advice prior to launching or running a service.