Population of Qatar: 2.6 million. It is estimated that 100% of the population in Qatar has a mobile subscription.

According to data from the World Economic Forum there are 127 mobile phone subscriptions per 100 people in Qatar.

    • Mobile Entertainment: YES
    • Online Gaming: YES
    • Adult Content: NO
    • Chat: YES
    • Streaming Services: YES
    • Lottery / contest: NO
    • Gambling: NO
    • Subscriptions: YES

Launching mobile-billed services in Qatar – legal requirements

Becoming a merchant for mobile-billed services in Qatar requires specific legal documentation. Through partnership with a local specialist, Empello can arrange for assistance, and allow you to focus on your launch.

Major types of services include: entertainment services (all the services that are linked to entertain), professional services (all the services related to business activities), Charity, subscription services.

The service name and a detailed description should be included in the landing page with full T&Cs and Opt-out instructions.

The price of the service has to be prominent and proximate to the CTA button.
The banner can’t be offensive or misleading to any different services than the one advertised on the landing page.

A clear confirmation message must be sent the user once subscribed to the service.

The information above is correct at the time of publication, but seek specific advice prior to launching or running a service.