Population of Spain: 48,000,000. Mobile Subscribers: 56,000,000 (c. 118% penetration)

    • Mobile Entertainment: YES
    • Online Gaming: YES
    • Adult Content: YES
    • Dating & Chat: YES
    • Streaming Services: YES
    • Lottery / contest: YES
    • Gambling: NO
    • Subscription: YES

Spanish Code of Practice (CoP)

2004 original CoP

2009 CoP update (English)

2010 update to CoP (English)

Launching mobile-billed services in Spain – legal requirements

Becoming a merchant for mobile-billed services in Spain requires specific legal documentation. Through partnership with a local specialist, Empello can arrange for assistance, and allow you to focus on your launch.

Regulatory Characteristics:

  • Major types of services include: professional services (all the services related to business activities), entertainment services (all the services that are linked to entertain), adult services (all the services with an erotic content), Charity (different fiscal treatment for the PSMS), subscription services.
  • The merchant name has to be clear, and including on the landing page with the entire name and the address.
  • The price of the service has to be complete and the font and prominence have to be clear.
  • The banner can’t be offensive or misleading to any different service than the one advertised on the landing page.
  • Every abbreviated word has to have at least 3 alphabetical characters
The information above is correct at the time of publication, but seek specific advice prior to launching or running a service.