Mobile Threats Report Emphasises PSMS Malware Risks to Android Users.

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Juniper Networks’ mobile threats report released this week emphasises the risk to Android users and the growth of malware using premium SMS charging.

Juniper Networks’ Mobile Threat Centre (MTC), a global research facility dedicated to around-the-clock mobile security and privacy research found that from March 2012 to March 2013 mobile malware threats increased by 614 percent. A total of 276,250 malicious samples were found, and mobile malware professionals are maximizing their return on investment by targeting Android due to its global market dominance and open platform, with 92 percent targeting the Android operating systems.

Of these, 73 precent of Android threats are malicious apps that contain FakeInstallers (Toll Fraud malware) or SMS Trojans which exploit holes in mobile security by charging a user via premium SMS. FakeInstallers pose as legitimate apps which, along with SMS Trojans, send SMS messages to premium rate services without the user’s consent. As well as this, they can gain access to a users contact data, personal information, other account information and change various setting on the handset.

For further information and the full report click here.

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