Empello supports SAM Media to reduce serious compliance issues from 13.5% to 2.5%

Empello has worked closely with SAM Media over the past two years to reduce serious compliance issues from 13.5% to 2.5%.

SAM Media specialise in providing unique and innovative digital content for over 90 Mobile Networks across the globe. The company faces the common challenge when using ad networks of fraudulent traffic aiming to trick users into subscribing to VAS, through problems like misleading flows and brand passing-off.

As a leader in the mobile micropayment industry, it was important for SAM Media to combat fraudulent advertising campaigns and protect their reputation. SAM Media implemented Empello’s solution, FraudScan, a unique mix of human monitoring and automated detection to provide round the clock protection of VAS.

Empello’s services support and complement SAM Media’s own strategies to optimise the services they provide to consumers whilst minimising their compliance issues and complaints, and the co-operation has delivered the following benefits:

Significant reduction in affiliate marketing problems such as misleading flows, brand passing-off and content locking - Empello made over 19,000 discoveries of such issues since the start of 2021.

Support from Empello’s Country Managers who provide detailed information about compliance rates, marketing traffic and fraud issues. Empello’s talented staff accounts for 50 people in London HQ, São Paulo, Dubai and Asia.

Regular reports on traffic sources, ad flows, market intelligence and the top malware apps blacklisted by FraudStop in each geo. Empello’s FraudStop is useful to block threats and artificial traffic in real-time to protect against in-app malware and other threats. Empello has blocked over 22 million fraudulent transactions in the first 5 months of 2021.

Founded in 2012 Empello is the longest-standing anti-fraud company in the VAS/DCB industry and has collected unparalleled amounts of data and expertise on how to effectively monitor a difficult market that is ever-changing.

SAM Media has been delivering compelling content and services to consumers since 2007, and also manage their own advertising using a range of partners.

This collaboration allows SAM Media to operate efficiently and profitably within the VAS ecosystem, and also provides access to real-time data and competitive market analysis. This allows SAM Media to stay ahead of the game by eliminating fraudulent traffic and sustaining revenues.