Empello has a diverse range of services to meet our customers requirements around the globe.


FraudScan provides comprehensive detection of fraudulent advertising campaigns. Delivered by a powerful combination of in-depth analyst research and automated monitoring tools, we find problematic advertising in Google, Facebook, Affiliate Networks and many other Social and Ad Network campaigns.

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FraudStop delivers powerful and accurate fraud prevention, giving you confidence that mobile payments transactions are from genuine consumers. We combine bespoke technology and best-in-class campaign data, to provide the fullest defence possible against fraudulent payments and subscriptions.

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Service Tester
Empello tests hundreds of mobile and online services every month, by carrying out comprehensive end-to-end user testing, recording screenshots and billing events. We perform all tests in the relevant local country on the appropriate ISP or mobile network.
While carrying out extensive ad monitoring for specific client campaigns, Empello collects a multitude of market intelligence for markets, sectors and competitors. Empello can therefore provide relevant data to its clients to aid their market research, competitor analysis and commercial growth.

Empello is the market-leading provider of Anti-Fraud, Fraud monitoring, Fraud defence as well as Analysis & Testing for the Mobile Payments (VAS) sector. We enable our clients to:

  • find fraudulent marketing and fraudulent payments across all channels in Web, App and Social
  • actively defend against and stop attempts at fraudulent charging, transactions and subscriptions
  • ensure VAS, DCB and SMS services are working correctly in the local environment
  • understand fraud and marketing trends across the industry, and at the level of mobile operators, merchants, ad networks and ad channels
  • reduce customer complaints and regulatory risk