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We are back with our traditional annual review of 2022 packed with exclusive insights and data curated by our team of experts. We hope that you will find it beneficial to you and to your business.

What to expect from this Annual Report?

We summarise our insights from FraudScan with a global overview of compliance in several countries. Our Country Manager for Chile, Adelina Dumitrachi, gives us a snapshot of the situation and DCB opportunities in Chile to take advantage of in 2023.

Omar Oualili focuses on the hotspots in sub-Saharan Africa by interviewing experts from the digital payment sphere. His article lays down the hot DCB markets for 2023 in sub-Saharan Africa.

Our Fraud analysts Joanna Moira and Laury Apedo focus on important topics regarding brand passing off and brand protection. They look at this through discoveries of severe cases of fake ads seen in the MEA region. Their article links well with one from Omar Oualili on the 5 things to take into account when it comes to DCB fraud.

We then deep dive into the universe of apps with contributions from Louise Ford and Khalil Alhayder who look into the effects of malware apps and their infiltration of the Google Play Store. We then get a little technical with Abraham Vaquero who looks at the transition to more secure networks from http to https.

Finally, we have opening notes and closing notes from our Managing Director, Louise Ford and Director of Client Services, Omar Oualili.

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