SecureAccess provides an additional layer of protection against activation fraud in the Direct Carrier Billing flow

In environments where there is a risk that consumer consent is falsified or does not follow the full carrier guidelines on opt in flows, SecureAccess provides independent validation of consumer opt-in activity

Empello’s SecureAccess Consent Gateway provides an additional layer of protection against fraudulent activation by validating consumer consent in the connection between merchants / aggregators and mobile operators.

SecureAccess provides an auditable assurance of consumer actions with verification that consumer interacts with authorised carrier flow.

How does it work?


SecureAccess provides full validation even where opt-in pages are hosted by third party aggregators or merchants and can be used with PIN or OTP flows.

Once the consumer initiates a mobile purchase, the merchant aggregator redirects the consumer to Empello’s SecureAccess Activate Consent Gateway to complete a secure opt in process.

  • Empello’s SecureAccess provides a hosted MSISDN entry / PIN page for OTP flows.
  • SecureAccess sends an OTP to the consumer via SMS and the consumer enters the OTP into Empello’s hosted PIN entry page.
  • SecureAccess performs a validation on the OPT.
  • SecureAccess issues a unique token to allow or deny the activation request, allowing the merchant to proceed with the activation or display an error page.
  • The token can be validated by the Mobile operator in a direct integration with the Empello API to allow the activation.

SecureAccess is typically deployed in conjunction with Empello’s FraudStop solution which checks each for technical payment fraud, such as App Malware, Bots and spoofing.

When deployed with the SecureAccess Consent Gateway, FraudStop can be integrated into SecureAccess’s hosted pages for a full fraud check on the traffic source of each transaction.

For more details on how FraudStop works.

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