Empello’s Service Approval and Testing programmes take the headache out of managing your VAS portfolio

Alongside our FraudScan programme, Empello offers a Service Approval and Testing programme to both Mobile Operators and Aggregators.

We currently have instant access to over 200 testing handsets in thirty countries through our own managed testing network.

All testing equipment is located locally in the originating country for the most reliable and accurate testing.

Service Approval Programmes


Merchants submit any new services to Empello for compliance assessment prior to launch as mandated by the Mobile Operator or Aggregator and receive compliance advice in line with the agreed guidelines to ensure that all services are fully compliant from the day of launch.

Empello service approval programme includes:

  • pre-launch certification
  • compliance check on the design of the payment pages
  • end-to-end inspection of services
  • reporting on gaps in compliance
  • checking all aspects of Customer Service

Weekly or monthly meetings may take place to review the services scheduled for launch.

Empello offers an on-going Service testing & reporting service. Typically a FraudScan programme includes a number of monthly service tests to identify not only non-compliance, but also any technical faults in the working of services.

Service testing covers the end to end operation of the service from activation to content fulfilment to ensure that consumers are receiving both a compliant and technically functioning service.

The results of Service Tests are reported through the Fraud Scan portal.

Service testing utilises our proprietary testing network and is delivered by specialist personnel who are trained in the technical as well as the regulatory aspects of service provision.

Service Testing