Empello has a diverse range of services to meet our customers requirements around the globe.

  • Ad monitoring

    ad-monotoring-iconEmpello uses a powerful combination of human and automated monitoring to find local advertising flows pointing to our clients’ services. By capturing full URL data and screenshots, we enable identification of traffic sources, even where affiliates are used.

  • Service tests

    Global-testing-iconEmpello tests hundreds of mobile and online services every month, by carrying out comprehensive end-to-end user testing, recording screenshots and billing events. We perform all tests in the relevant local country on the appropriate ISP or mobile network.

  • Market insight

    Market-insights-iconWhile carrying out extensive ad monitoring for specific client campaigns, Empello collects a multitude of market intelligence for markets, sectors and competitors. Empello can therefore provide relevant data to its clients to aid their market research, competitor analysis and commercial growth.

  • Compliance support

    complianceEmpello’s unrivalled regulatory and market knowledge derives from many years of senior management experience, gained from direct responsibility at mobile operators as well as working for merchants and aggregators. We provide compliance support whilst always having commercial objectives in focus.

Empello enables organisations to minimise risk, improve how they operate and embrace change and opportunities.

What that means will be different in every case, but areas where we have helped include

  • monitoring Regulatory Compliance of organisations, their clients and services
  • harnessing technology to provide solutions and tools
    testing services, both prior to launch as well as in-life
  • managing aspects of Customer Care