Artificial Intelligence vs Human Detective Work

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Which works best?

In the 1st of a series of thought-provoking discussions about cyber security and anti-fraud technology, the founders of Empello, Gavin Dent and Jeremy Flynn discuss with Paul Skeldon of Telemedia Online why the human detective work performed by Empello’s highly trained team of native speaking compliance analysts is a vital ingredient in teaching our AI and machine learning tools how to find fraud automatically.

Fraud in the VAS and DCB space is not static, it changes and evolves and therefore the tools we use to detect fraud have to change and evolve too.

Whilst AI can spot variations on a known fraud technique at a scale that no human monitoring could ever hope to achieve, when presented with a completely novel technique it needs input, and that input comes from data collected by our analysts. Any machine learning tool needs high quality data to kick start its algorithms and that’s where the dual strategy of cutting edge technology and research and great human detective work at Empello come into play giving us the best platform for detecting VAS and DCB fraud.

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