The benefits of FraudScan and FraudStop

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This week, we are covering: 1) The benefits of using FraudScan and FraudStop and 2) New updates on FraudScan portal.

1. The benefits of using FraudScan and FraudStop

Since Empello’s establishment in 2012, we have been offering FraudScan, 24/7 ad monitoring in 30 countries with a multilingual team including 20 languages spoken. FraudScan detects all traffic sources and, combined with our remote technology and our teams operating in London and Asia, we provide accurate data monitoring on every user’s journey. 

With FraudScan, for each country we operate in, we provide a comprehensive angle of the trends and main traffic source in every market and monitor more than 50.000 users’ journeys per month. FraudScan, accommodating results in real-time, delivers to our clients useful information about their services, and displays regular updates regarding the compliance of each country. 

FraudStop was launched by Empello since we detected a new activity in the VAS market back in 2016: users are installing apps and are billed automatically (auto-subscriptions). With the launch of FraudStop, Empello offers a solution to deceitful payment methods. Particularly in markets where a high number of fraudulent charges are a major issue. FraudStop is a cyber-security tool that prevents in-app malware activity, bot traffic, detects proxy, checks user behaviour to authenticate it and many more features that protect over 1 billion users from deceitful carrier billing. 

2. Delivering a better service to you

We constantly improve your experience with our services, and that’s why, recently, we’ve redoubled our focus on the FraudScan portal. Here is an overview of the new updates: 

  • Breaches Glossary: Definitions of non-compliant terms alongside examples of each issue and how we name them (
  • Issue Compliance report: New company-type filter for clients.
  • Market Insight report: This report was already accessible for you but now it features clickable charts that lead to relevant test-lists.
  • Compliance Over Time report: available to all our clients – this allows you to see your compliance progress over the year.
  • Uploading Videos: It is now possible to view videos directly on FraudScan – this feature is being rolled out gradually and will cover payment tests at first stages.

Please also let us know if there’s anything specific you would like to see on FraudScan or FraudStop. It’s Christmas time, Santa will surely make your wishes come true! 

OK. That’s it for this week! See you next time.

Until then!